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Princess Monarch Coming Soon!

“Let’s hope Harry and Hannah feel tears of joy and floods of happy thoughts rekindle, when they gaze into their painting…
for sometimes a painting, with it’s uneven lines and natural brush strokes –  can impart smells and sounds, and other sensory memories,
that a flat photo cannot…” 
"Our Canada" was written based on my own reflection of the stories I remember from the 1960's - as I too, am a citizen of Canada by a sworn piece of paper and not by birth. My Polish-Canadian illustrator Natalie Very B was a perfect fit for this wee poem. We first met at an art class back in March, 2020 that she was hosting at Collective Arts + Brewing in Hamilton, ON. I was an instant fan of her kindness and expertise! Her inspirational and highly colourful work, has adorned many Collective Arts series and other murals across Canada! Please enjoy this book- and be inspired by this collaboration of arts!

Meet Deliz: Artist & Poet

This Canadian artist conjures vivid art and captivating stories, whisking you away on a magical journey through imagination. Get ready to be enchanted!

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