Deliz Doodles – Donna Matthews

Welcome to the website of Donna Matthews, a nurse, artist and poet.

When Donna sketches, she finds a soul in an object and gets lost in  its colour and essence. She has been writing poetry since she was a  young child and is an impressionist and realist painter. Her mission is  to support and nurture people with her creative endeavours.

Donna invites you to explore her website, where you can learn more  about her artwork and poetry. You might just find something that  inspires you too

1. What are your earliest memories as an artist?
My first exposure to drawing was very early on- admiring my Mom’s Bic pen doodles of folk-art flowers on the backs of empty bill-envelopes! Her circles and dots and lines were magical and happy! I wanted to draw like her!
The biggest professional influence happened in the late 60’s till early 70’s. I was sat- glued, and inches away from the TV – watching The Uncle Bobby show! Artist: Barry Kent Mac Kay would take a blank white-canvas and create these life-like birds in minutes (seemed like seconds)- i was in awe- and dreamed of  drawing like him when I was older!
2. What inspires you the most?
This is difficult to answer- as I need to shut off my creative sensor all the time – as  I would love to draw and recreate so many things and people that i see every day! Sadly, there are never enough hours and minutes!
For now , I am busy painting houses (the art-rendering type) for friends as gifts or commissions.  Also flowers, pets or whatever else is needed- on cards!
3.  Who were significant influences for you?
Michael Davidson – Artist (Timmins, ON). He was the driving force that put me where I am today! Thank you Michael! Again!
When my life hit a rock- I signed up for his sketching classes in 2001. He refined my skills for shading (using all the different leads) and taught me how to isolate and graph my work for the ultimate in accuracy! I still use his advice and the same electric sharpener (he used) that I bought that year!
4. What is your favourite medium?
Hands down- Watercolour and fine line-work with archival ink
So much fun: Loose,Playful and unpredictable! Everything that resonates with childhood, happy memories!
 5. What is your artistic style?
Well I really focus on realism (from a distance and blurred vision) but I love impressionism with cartooning or loose/layered painting techniques!
6. What is something interesting that has happened to you, as an artist?
When I was studying in England my colleague (Dr) was writing a textbook and needed some illustrations (cheap) for the Anatomy and Physiology part- organs without skin- not nudes! It was an enormous amount of drawing- but I was too flattered at the time to care!
7. What do you think of the Paris art scene?
This is easy! Not a native, but imported to Paris more than 7 years ago now- and love the vibe here! Proud to say that I am a member of our very own Paris Art sketchers group! It’s tailored for all ages and skill sets- it’s an easy and informal gathering of eclectic and supportive artists from Paris and the surrounding communities! The Plein-Air meet-ups are always unique! Seriously, what’s not to Love about a town called “Paris on the Grand? “